STGCC 2014 Day 2: Mega Picture Post

DC Day! I was in something of a euphoric state through much of this day. Also got some halfway-decent photos of the big cosplay runway event! Thanks to everyone for letting me hang around to take photos, crack jokes and just be a generally annoying fanboy.

Kai Le as Jason Todd, Red Hood

The gang’s all here, thanks to Hot Toys.

“I utinni! you.” “I know.”

Jaye Tempest as Elizabeth from Bioshock 

Reno in a Bram Stoker’s Dracula-inspired outfit

Sara as street Cass Cain

Matt as “Rico Vrataski”, a gender-flipped version of Rita Vrataski from Edge of Tomorrow

Frasier as Huntress and Jenny as Black Canary

Cry for Justice

This one’s for the Helena/Dinah shippers

It’s no use, he’ll just wake up and re-live the day again!

Mini-Steve and Natasha

Batgirl finds herself stuck in this fiendish trap called the “Skyhook”

That smile is made of pure evil. Which is to say Sheril did a good job as the character because she is very nice in real life. 

“Sometimes, a bad headache can feel like a knife through your head.” 

Shaun shows off his T-800 makeup



Orbakat Cos as Scarlet Witch

Rachel Rynx as Hawkgirl

I hope he finds it soon.

The game is afoot.

Gun show courtesy of Jes as Wonder Woman and Ka as Power Girl! 

Rul as Nathan Drake! 

Statue re-enactment attempt #1

Lil Steve and Lil Natasha are welcome even if they aren’t DC.

First the Joker cripples Batgirl, then he takes the chattering teeth to her crotch. 

I call this one “a guy can dream” *goes to cry in my corner*

Joel Schumacher wasn’t the only one with Bat-nipples on the brain

A single tear. “MY PARENTS!!”

Rorschach realises my journal isn’t quite as interesting as his own.

Run little Barry! 

It’s Kie as Tim! 

Theodora as Black Widow

THERE WAS A SHAUN! Come and get it, it’s a running buffet!

Don’t nobody tell Frasier, but I think Sarah was the better Huntress.

Alright, they’re both great.

Zann as the smiley Squire! 

Statue re-enactment attempt #2

Don’t shoot the fanboy!

Cards against Bat-family

“You broke the fourth wall INTO THE WRONG UNIVERSE!!” 

Rex as Green Lantern – toting an actual green lantern! 

Fun fact: the Evil Queen never says “mirror mirror”, it’s always “magic mirror”. This is like “Beam me up, Scotty”.

Double the Loki

Don’t tell my pastor I bowed my knee to an outlaw spirit

Popular Australian cosplayer Evey Dantes as Supergirl. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see her in her Batgirl get-up.

Zack as Star-Lord is holding my tiny Baby Groot sculpture.

Magic-users unite! 

Isobel, Wanping and Charissa

Snowman already built.

Ollie & Helena

With a sketch by Cameron Stewart

That’s Rocky as DoFP Wolverine

The story of Bucky is about how one guy realised “Bucky” wasn’t all that cool a name and spent his next life trying to make up for that.

Scythe Scythe Baby

Don’t cross the streams!

So. Much. Abs. Envy.

Nathan Drake can’t grasp the concept of a superselfie

Tim & Conner 4eva!

The Predator macho hand clasp

Gwen as classic Star Lord

Batgirl has every right to be scared – there’s Raymond as the Joker, combining the New 52 Death of the Family look with the Bronze Age one.

Sakura Llama as Legolas!

Archers showdown!

Bat-family for life.

Jason’s revenge

The feels

Batman facepalm.

“Alas, poor Jason”. Isn’t “infinite jest” more the Joker’s thing though?

When the helmet goes on, the gloves come off.
Accidental whirly shot is probably one of my favourite photos of the day.

Get lost, Joker!

Not so cool when I wear it. No fair.

My Little Tony (yes, I’m way prouder of coming up with that than I should be.)

Cosplay runway time!

The Mass Effect trio

Goin’ Rogue

The Iron Giant is puppeteered by Orvis Evans. It is an amazing piece of craftsmanship.

Father-daughter day!

Cameron Stewart nailed the scowly face.

The “trophy case” in the hotel room some of my friends were staying at. I guess the glasses are Commissioner Gordon’s trophy.

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